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The Squid deck 97x33mm Multi Colored (Syn 2G)

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NOTE: GRAPHICS ARE DESIGNED TO WEAR OFF! They are a silicone based material. Depending on how how much clear coat protection is on the board, they are susceptible to wearing off with regular use. Also, be weary of using stickers. If the sticker is strong enough, it may peel the graphic on the spot it was sitting on. One a sticker is put on, it is advised to keep the sticker on, or peel it off with care. If anyone contacts us with complaints of graphics coming off due to this, we will not replace your board. Otherwise, the graphic should stay on for a long while with regular fingerboard use.

Art by: Leonard Rost

Squiddy squid squid! Check this graphic out!

What is Syn 2G? I'm glad you asked. Syn 2G is the answer to every issue with the first generation decks. While the original was well made, these ones are to showcase the true excellence that is Syn's performance. Again made 100% made in America using a 5-Ply Canadian maple build, there have been some unique features and improvements with the second generation decks. Here are the following additions or changes made:

* The decks use a thinner veneer, so the decks can be lighter and improve pop.
* A new formulated glue is used to improve the strength while not compromising the weight or integrity.
* Going from 113mm to now 97mm length makes for more comfortable positioning during execution of tricks and other maneuvers.
* A new 33mm size width is now available on select boards.
* Improved graphic printing process allows for vibrant colors and attention to detail.
* We now provide "real wear" on all of our graphics, so you'll see realistic graphic deterioration with the use of our boards.
* Every board goes through rigorous quality inspection and testing, so you know you're getting the most legitimized deck possible.

All of this is why Syn 2G is the present and future of performance fingerboarding.


  • Image of The Squid deck 97x33mm Multi Colored (Syn 2G)
  • Image of The Squid deck 97x33mm Multi Colored (Syn 2G)