Syn 3G is closer than ever.


Can I be sponsored?

Not simply by asking, but if you want to submit footage through our contact page, that's perfectly fine. If we are looking for riders, we will be in contact if we like your submission(s). Also, it before you consider any sort of partnership or sponsoring, please try our decks first and film with it so you know if you like it.

Do you guys provide wholesale for businesses?

Why I'm glad you asked! Yes, we do! please send an email through our contact page and we'll be happy to discuss details as appropriate. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

Are your boards of a good quality?

Preference aside, the boards are quality checked and are improving with every batch made. Every deck is made with a 5-ply of Canadian Maple wood, molded, and then clear coated for graphic durability and board strength. They are made by fingerboarders for fingerboarders.

Is tax charged on my order?

Unless you're in the state of Kentucky, where our office is based, you will not be charged tax.

Where do you ship?

Check Shipping and Return Policy page.

Do you guys sell trucks and wheels for the boards?

We are not in business to do trucks and wheels, so far as it seems. For our small business budget, we haven't justified the cost of getting cheap trucks and wheels and most probably prefer the big name trucks and wheels anyway. If the business expands or demand grows, even for the cheap trucks and wheels just to accommodate the deck, then we might consider carrying accessories for the decks, including trucks and wheels.

What's the status of my order?

Please check your email for a USPS tracking code and other email updates before contacting us. Any time reading emails about processing and shipping status only slows down the time spent on processing and shipping. If you have any other issues with the order, such as a defect, very late arrival, or any other concerns, don't hesitate to navigate to our contact page. For international orders, please allow 6 weeks to pass before expressing concerns. There's no way to track packages once they've passed US Customs.

What's the return Policy?

We actually have a separate page for that, navigate to the "Shipping and Return Policy" page for more details.

Why are the T-shirts appearing to be on a different page than the rest of the products?

That's because our soft goods and accessories are produced and handled by Spreadshirt. If you'd like to order a shirt or other item from them, it still contributes to Syn, so show your support! Those particular products can be ordered here.

What if I used my product and don't like it and want a refund?

We do not accept returns unless it is unused and unopened. If it's a matter of preference, we do not refund since you used the product. If there's a serious defect, notify us by our contact page and we will take it case by case. We do quality check every single board we make, so a defect is highly unlikely.

I really like a deck you sold that is currently out of stock or discontinued, will it ever come back? Can I get it requested?

Board graphics and shapes are made and chosen at random. If you'd like a custom, please email, on our Contact page, for a custom deck inquiry.

I've looked at this page and nothing I wanted answered was here!

Well that's not really a question, but if you have a question that we didn't already cover, please leave us a question or feedback in our email with our contact page.