Syn 3G



This will be the information page on our upcoming Syn 3G series. As of the new stock, Syn 2G has been retired just like Syn first generation decks, which are very rare. If you would like to know more, please follow our website here or follow our official Instagram page (@SynFingerboards). Here's what we are to expect for the upcoming designs.


* The boards will be even thinner than before as new molds that can handle more pressure are being utilized, but will be stronger and lighter as a result.

* Graphics will be applied using heat transfer techniques, which will have a "real wear" effect.

* Length will be a whopping whole millimeter longer, at 98mm, still good for flick and catch control.

* The shape will be more mellow than it has been in the past, but still provide the board control you desire for just about any purpose of fingerboarding. While more mellow, the concaves are still prominent and provide more of a transition, as opposed to sharp curves.

*By popular demand, primary stock will be 33-34mm width. Though by request, sizes 32 and 35mm width can be special ordered, though extra costs may apply. Please email for additional details.


Stay tuned for any new details, and before you know it, the shop will be open soon as possible.